Thanksgiving Message from Bentley

Bentley our "baby" Himalayan, now 15Happy Thanksgiving to all my cat (and human) friends. This is a very special day for me as I am very thankful for having such a wonderful home, a Mom who loves (and fusses over me a lot), a Dad who protects and cares for me (and feeds me when Mom is at work) and for my two companions, Frosty and Missy.

I guess you could say I knew that I was going to have a very special life the first time I saw my Mom. She and Jim, my dad, came to the house where I was born to get a new kitten.

Well, the minute I saw her I went right up to her and she picked me up. I figured she liked me right away and I liked her because she spoke so nicely to me when she picked me up and she really smelled good. My cat mom was named Mercedes and my dad was Porsche. They were ok but I knew that I wouldn’t be there long.

After my new Mom, Georgia, gave the lady who owned my parents some money for me we left. I wasn’t the least bit afraid. My new Mom held me on her lap and we got in Dad’s car and went to my new home.

When I go there, they put me in a big room that was ready for me. There was a litter box, a bowl of water and food. I was hungry so I ate right away. There were a couple of toys for me but I really wanted to see the house but they closed the door and I was all alone in that room.

A few minutes later I heard and smelled two cats outside the door. I wanted to see them and be with them but the door was locked. They started telling me things like who they were and that they couldn’t see me or come in that room because Mom said that a new kitten should gradually get used to the family and not be thrown into the household right away.

I started crying at the door to go out. I didn’t want to be alone, I wanted to see everybody. Well, I guess it worked because very shortly after I started crying, Mom came and picked me up and walked me all around the house. She showed me the two big cats, Smokey and Frosty and walked me in and out of the rooms. That house was big compared to where I lived before.

The first night there Mom put me on a blanket on a chair and told me to go to sleep. Well, I didn’t want to sleep alone so I climbed the big stairs, and found the room where Mom and Dad were in a big bed. The bed was high up so I climbed my way up to the top, went right in between Mom and Dad and got under the covers with them. Mom thought that was so cute and I slept there a lot in those first weeks that I was there until I decided to explore the rest of the big house and found out where there were other places to sleep.

Missy guarding the yard

Well, that was a long time ago. I am 15 years old now and we no longer live in that house but have a nice house with lots of woods around. When we came here Smokey and Frosty came too. Then one winter, Dad found a cat hanging around the house in the woods so my Mom took her in. Her name is Missy and she goes out (when she feels like it) and has her own room downstairs. I don’t see her much but she talks to me all the time telling me stuff about outside.

Frosty is 17 now and Mom says she has dementia. Mom explained that she doesn’t remember stuff. Once in awhile she forgets when it is breakfast and Dad has to show her our bowls.

Smokey and me

Smokey, who was my best friend, left us in 2008. One night he went to sleep and never got up. He just crossed the rainbow bridge to be with his grandpa, Mom’s dad who was his best friend.

I have a lot to be thankful for today. Even though I have a sore paw (mom says it is arthritis) I am taking some stuff for it and I feel better.

Mom also has me on Cranberry caps, Vitamins B12 and Coenzyme Q10 for my health. We have a game called “down the hatch” where she gives me the vitamins and I swallow them. I have my own credit card for when I go to my doctor, Dr. Renee Ziegler at For Cats Only Veterinary Clinic. She takes really good care of me.

That's me with Dad's new book

Mom calls me “The Brown Prince” because I am a seal point Himalayan and am told I am very handsome. I have a nice house, soft chairs to lay on when the sun comes in the big window and good food.

Every once in awhile I get my favorite food, turkey. I know when Mom has some because I hang around the refrigerator. She then cuts up some and says “Turkey Bentley” and I eat the whole piece. Frosty gets some too.

Life is good and I am so happy to be here.

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